Healthcare Financing

Combine today’s high cost of medical and dental equipment with delays in reimbursements from insurance and managed care companies, and leasing becomes the most attractive financing option for most physicians, hospitals, dentists and rehabilitation and nursing homes.

Leasing enables you to acquire needed equipment by spreading the high cost into low payments and coordinating them with your reimbursement schedule. The equipment pays for itself with the revenues it generates, and as technology continues to advance, can be upgraded at any time.

Perhaps your mortgage or loan has been approved, however, you’re required to make a 20-30% equity investment in the property…not the best time to have to come up with cash when you’re faced with the expense of a move and outfitting the space.

Your business image is important to your success.  You’ll want to continue that impression for your patients and employees with the quality furniture, fixtures and equipment that’s needed to operate your practice.

The economical way to complete your transaction is with a TurnKey Lease/Finance package from Interstate Leasing Company.  Interstate can bridge the gap between your bank loan and the total cost of the project, thereby eliminating any large cash outlay.

Our TurnKey Lease can include everything necessary for a new office in one package with one monthly payment, saving you the time and inconvenience of obtaining and paying several loans or leases.

Leasing gives you 100% of the total project cost with no down payment and no buyout at termination.  You can accelerate your tax deductions, conserve cash for operating expenses and it won’t impact your relationship with your bank.

We can also help you procure equipment quickly and easily. Interstate has a large network of medical equipment suppliers that provide virtually anything you might need promptly and at discount prices.  You provide the specifications and we’ll find the equipment…or we’ll be happy to use the vendor(s) you select.

Types of Equipment Leased

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
    • Including Installation & Upgrades
  • Diagnostic Imaging Equipment
  • Exam Room Equipment
  • Office & Exam Room Furniture and Cabinetry
  • Bone Densitometers
  • Patient Transfer Lifts
  • Patient Vital Signs Monitors
  • Telephone Systems
  • Lasers
  • Computer Hardware, Software & Configuration
  • Filing Systems
  • Lighting
  • ADA Modifications & Accessibility Equipment

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