Corporate Financing

Today’s offices are more than desks and file cabinets. They’re environments designed to maximize productivity by integrating people with technologically advanced office systems.

Unfortunately, these systems are often outgrown before they can be depreciated fully. Leasing helps you avoid this costly situation by allowing you to replace or upgrade equipment before the lease term expires.

Interstate leases any of the following (but not limited to):

  •  Office Furniture
  •  Display Cases
  •  Point of Sale Systems
  •  Filing Systems
  •   Computer Hardware
  •   Software packages
  •   Complete telephone systems
  •   Copiers
  •  Web Sites
  •  Security Systems
  •  ADA  Accessibility equipment

Benefits of leasing for corporations:

  • Lease packages can be put together for single or multiple pieces of equipment.
  • No upfront costs: 100% financing.
  • Conserves cash and maintains bank lines of credit.

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